End User License Agreement Last update: June 30th, 2013

The license agreement

One of the things we value the most in the User Interaction field is the concept of familiarity. We also applied this concept to the Napkee's End User License Agreement (EULA), giving you a document you are familiar with.

Download the EULA here: NapkeeEULA.pdf

Other documents

You might be also interested in the Terms of Use or the Privacy Policy.

Napkee Labs and Open Source

Napkee and Napkee Legacy are built with Apache Flex and uses other open source or free-to-use components, plugins and script such as:
Flex Video Player Coverflow by Doug McCune Papervision 3D FlexLib
AS3CoreLib jQuery jQuery UI jQuery treeview
jmaps jQuery Sparklines jQuery SWFObject jQuery TagCloud
jQuery iPhone switch swfobject Color Picker Tango Icons
  swfobject Color Picker  

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